Relatief jonk

New Afrikaans movie Relatief jonk will be releasing on DStv BoxOffice on July 9th. Itʼs styled as a road trip movie filled with love, fun and spontaneous adventure. Itʼs directed by Hendrik Cronje, who also stars. Check out the trailer below:

According to Cronje, “Relatief jonk is a road trip film that explores the struggles of people in their late 20s. Are some people meant to be together? Do you give up on your dreams and settle for a “real” job? I donʼt think there is a right and wrong answer to any of these questions.

“The universal theme of oneʼs lifeʼs purpose is investigated through the characters, all having a laugh while relating
to their issues of ‘maturity.’ Real life is messy.”

Also starring are Amalia Uys and Vilje Maritz.

Amalia Uys, Hendrik Cronje, and Vilje Maritz in Relatief jonk

Cronje has television experience, including in the popular SABC soapie, 7de laan (2007-2012), as Lukas, and recently as Clive in G.I.” on KykNet. His films include Liewe Lisa (2019) and Krotoa (2017).

Amalia Uys also starred in 7de laan, as well as in Gabriël (2005). Films include Meisies wat fluit (2020), Sy klink soos lente (2016), and Sink (2015). Vilje Maritz is best known to TV audiences for his roles in Binnelanders (2009-2012), High Rollers (2013-2017), Swartwater (2016), Bloedbroers (2015-2016). Films include Verraaiers (2013), Hollywood in my huis (2014), Die pro (2015), and ʼn Man soos my pa (2015).

Ben is a struggling actor who believes his life would get back on track if he could just win back the affection of his ex-girlfriend.

He returns to his hometown to attend a funeral, where he has to face faces from his past. He meets Bismarck, a musician who wants to leave small-town life to pursue a musical dream. As they prepare to leave, Mila, a girl with whom Ben shares a complicated history, unexpectedly shows up at Benʼs house and asks him for a lift to Cape town. Bismarck just wants to enjoy the road trip, but Ben is in a desperate need to get back to his ex-girlfriend before she gets married.

The journey takes a few turns that changes their perceptions of love and life.